Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

Hey There,

Simple Weekly Ritual was born out my need to grow spiritually while being a Mother. If you are looking for a structured weekly spiritual practice that supports well being and spiritual growth you are in the right place.

Before children I had all the time and energy in the world for spiritual pursuits. I was able to wander through forests getting messages. I could open and close portals while riding the back of a white wolf. I could support lost spirits in getting where they needed to be and spend hours channelling messages for folk who asked. I loved doing all these things and more. I love me some spiritual ass shenanigans. It's my jam. However, Motherhood changed things.

Motherhood consumes a great deal of time, energy and focus. Focus is needed for safety.

Instead of ignoring my spiritual abilities with the hopes of getting back to them, I was guided to do little practices here and there. The interesting thing about these spiritual practices is that they incorporate the many things I've studied over the years: astrology, mediumship, energetic healing, green witchery, hoodoo and my love for growth and all things Green.

So, that's how I got here :) To see how I work, join my monthly mailing list, or just watch the blog. You can also jump the shark and join me in Weekly Ritual where I offer weekly wisdom, tea and aromatherapy suggestions to support your spiritual growth and wellbeing.

Thanks for reading!

Immense Blessings


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