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There is so much fire in the air. Fire can be a Divine beacon-- illuminating what needs to shift and what needs to be done while assisting us in navigating our way forward. In this vein, I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. What do you want to do differently? There is tons of juicy, creative energy to manifest an entirely new way of being. We ain't doing anything old. So, what do you want to do differently? Not sure what you want. Connect with your anger. Given all the fire in the air, anger that is normally buried should be easily accessible now. Anger brings awareness and attention to emotions that are usually ignored. Anger can help guide you to what you need to do differently by empowering you to make different decisions.
  2. What have you learned over the past year or so? This New Moon energy makes previous lessons clear. We are not supported in going backward.
  3. What are you really passionate about? What excites you, what brings you joy, what turns you on, is the Divine speaking through you. At its best Aries is the Divine spark of life. Allow that energy to flow through you; to guide you; to ignite you. There is no need to hold back any longer. What you begin to allow now will only expand and increase.

New Moon Ritual

This ritual is inspired by my interview with Dana Smith, of Spiritual Essence Yoga, who keeps a regular practice of Vipassana Meditation.

Create time to check in with yourself throughout the day. Checking in with yourself doesn't mean that your emotions and thoughts need to be still. It means turning inwards with a compassionate, loving gaze to observe your inner world.

Managing fire requires a firm hand and a cool head. Taking time to regularly check in with yourself will help you move from a space of Divinity.

Aries is Divinity in motion. We don't need to push or work, we only need to be. For the energy of the New Moon to effectively support us, we need to focus more on being than doing. Checking in regularly allows you to do this.

Kids Ritual

Encourage your kids to take breaks. It doesn't have to be for a long time. At least three times a day, have them step back and take 3-7 deep breaths. It will help them connect with themselves, so they can best figure out how to manage their fire.

Spiritual Practices

  1. Keep it cool. Staying physically, emotionally, and spiritually cool will allow you to work with fire without burning yourself or others. Eat cooling foods like strawberries, zucchinis, celery, bananas, and cucumbers. Soak your feet in warm to cool saltwater. Take a warm to cool saltwater bath. If a saltwater soak isn't possible, end your shower with a shot of cold water.
  2. Be nourished. Fire needs nourishment to burn. Eat foods that are nourishing and sustaining to you. This is a great moon to enjoy your greens. Spinach, Mustards, Kale, Collards, Beet Greens, Arugula— if it's green and leafy make sure you are getting it in twice a day.

Helpful herbs

A morning herbal tonic is a great way to nourish yourself physically. The past year has been very draining. Allow yourself some nourishment to help you keep going.

Try a happy little morning brew of Cleavers, Nettles, Red clover, Dandelion leaf, and Mint with a touch of honey. Your body will feel replenished and refreshed.


A few drops of Atlas Cedarwood will ground any errant energy and clear the air around you. If you need to ground and want to bring a little joy add some ylang-ylang and bergamot to your Cedarwood. If you just need some calm, Cedarwood with Frankincense will help.

Also, Dragon's blood wants to help us all be better understand fire. This moon is a great time to burn some dragon's blood incense or some resin. Breathe deeply and listen.

Plant to befriend

If you are near some Cherry blossom trees, try to befriend one. You befriend a tree by seeing which tree pulls your attention and feels good to be near. Like a human friend, you feel a tree's love for you from the inside out.

When you have found your tree friend, sit with it and see what comes up. Cherry blossom trees symbolize life death and renewal; which is exactly where we are. Cherry blossom trees can show us how to joyfully rise from the ashes to keep on living.

In closing

Despite all the fire in the air, I'd invite you to allow things to move through you and around you. There's no need to push. Divinity runs through your life; organizing, healing, fixing, balancing. Do you best to trust it. When you do move, do what you can from a space where Divinity moves through you.

We are still very much in uncharted territory. As we continue to move in different ways things will come up to be witnessed and healed. That's okay. Our challenge will be to remain centered in ourselves. We can handle that. I have faith in us :)

Thanks for being here with me. May this New Moon bless you and yours! See you for the Scorpio Full Moon.

Immense Blessings,


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