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I had a conversation with a friend about Scorpio Full Moon energy. We played with the imagery of Scorpio Full Moon Energy as The story of the Princess and the Pea.

Underneath all this comforting energy that infers a return to our habitual ways of being might be a nagging feeling with a side of chaos/agitation. Something might be bothering you that you can't ignore. There also might be some chaos within or around to highlight that nagging  something that prevents you from sighing with relief. Everyone's pea and chaos will be different. However, if you can hold space for yourself  to acknowledge whatever is bothering you, you can make your pain productive.

Simple Ritual

Every evening, lean into your pain/agitation by bringing your awareness to it. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Place your hand on your heart and center your breath there. Ask yourself if there is anything that belongs to you that wishes to be seen and heard right now. Ask yourself if there is anything bothering you; any truth in the moment to be acknowledged.

After you have heard what you needed to, when you are ready, ask yourself what actions need to be taken to move forward.

Simple Ritual for Kids

Help your children lean into what pains them by supporting them in honoring their feelings. When they are upset, be sure to acknowledge and validate their feelings. Remind them that their feelings come to bring them wisdom, and then leave when the message is received. Encourage them to ask their feelings for the wisdom they have to offer.

As your kids feel whatever comes up, look for familial patterns of feeling/reacting/seeing. Kid help us transform familial issues sometimes by acting them out so we can see them and make different decisions. Do what you can to be gentle and kind and patient with all involved.

Spiritual Practices:

1. Mourn. Sob, dance, sing, hit pillows, yell, make collages, write angry poetry. Do what you can to honor what you have lost. Do what you can to honor all the life that has been lost. It all deserves to be honored. As you mourn there is more space to be honest about what you'd like to see clearly, begin creating what's next and welcome something new.

2. Enjoy simple little pleasures. With all this pain, we must have some pleasure. Create simple easy ways to bring pleasure to your day. Whether that means prioritizing a short walk in the morning, painting a little bit more, eating more blueberries, soaking your feet or self touch--get you some pleasure! It will help everything else move– whether it be painful or not.

3. Do not be stagnant. Forward movement is required in some way. Now, that forward movement may very well be inner work, or rest. Transformation, growth and evolution does not always need to be a white knuckle ride. It can also be quiet revelation, rest, or making a clear decision to be differently in the world. Allow this energy to guide you as to what's most healing at this time. If you are open, you will be guided.    

Helpful herbs

Hawthorne berry tea, tincture or jam would be great for acknowledging and working through whatever is bothering you. Hawthorne is great for working through emotions and supports a healthy heart. Given all the feels in the air these days, working with Hawthorne on the regular basis is a great idea.

Homeopathic doses of Arnica and Ignatia Amara can help you grieve what you've lost in a gentle way.

If possible continue to work with the nourishing cocktail mentioned in the last newsletter. (A combination of Cleavers, Nettles, Dandelion leaf, Red clover and Mint) – for continued support. It's hard to respond to the demands of the present moment without nourishing yourself. Do what you can.


A couple drops of Geranium & Bergamot essential oil in your burner will support you in grieving.

Vetiver & Ylang-Ylang will ground you in a pleasureful way. Pleasure is powerful medicine and helps us balance the painful chaos of the present moment.

Plant Friends

If you have some time try to hang out withs some Mint or Dandelion. Both plants are tenacious, strong, tough and keep growing no matter what is thrown at them. This clarity of purpose and tenacity is so very needed at the moment.  

These plants help us appreciate that we have purpose beyond the one society has given us and that that purpose can be found in deeply rooting into the Earth in our own special way. Being rooted in our purpose gives us strength to survive whatever may come to destroy us.

In closing

You got this! Times are still somewhat intense and demanding. However, you have made it this far and will continue to keep on keeping on. Just do what you can to honor your feelings and not be lured into the idea of "returning back to normal". This time especially asks us to be honest about what "normal" was and whether it was good for us anyway. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

See you for the Taurus New Moon!

Immense Blessings~ Jeannette

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