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Traveling without Moving..

It's completely possible to be fully blocked, yet making strides forward. This is the essence of February 11th's Aquarius New Moon. There really is progress, but it's not quite easy to see at the moment.

The Aquarius New Moon challenges us to learn, to grow, to let go and be open to the new. However, all of this is internal work – and where we'll make satisfying progress. Please do not expect everyone to be evolving with you. Unfortunately, they may not be ready.

There is an unwillingness to change coupled with a willingness to fight to this New Moon. Even though change is the order of the day, folks cannot be pushed into changing. They have to want to change.

At the moment, it's wise to focus on embracing yourself and continuing to do your own thing. Our ability to appreciate and allow ourselves to be unique – despite the expectations, demands and obligations of others will bring about the progress we are seeking. Aquarius reminds us that being unique is a necessary function of harmony and unity.  

Ritual of the Week:  Open to the new!

We are being beckoned forward into different ways of being with ourselves and each other. As we are called to more deeply honor and express our divinity it's vital that we open to the new. There are many different ways you can ritualize being open to the New:

1. Put some salt with some dried rosemary (and eucalyptus--if you have it) on your floors with the intention that this combination absorb all that is old, stale and no longer honors you. Then sweep the salt, rosemary (and possibly eucalyptus) out your house (ideally to the west). Once you are finished sweeping–open a window and affirm that you are open to the newness that honors your Divine expression. For fun, burn some sweet smelling incense to welcome in the New.

2. You can also light a blue candle dressed in Rosemary oil on Wednesday while praying for the clearing of mental habits, patterns and constructs that don't serve you. Close our your ritual with an affirmation that you welcome in new mental habits, patterns and structures that honor you. This ritual would be ideal for to practice every Wednesday through the end of Mercury retrograde (Feb 20th).

3. You can also ask water for help. For the next few days, drink a warm cup of lemon water in the morning. Pray to that water to cleanse you, so that you may be open to New that blesses you and Honors your Divinity. For fun, you can follow this warm water with something you really enjoy drinking :)

Kid Friendly Ritual: Embrace Diversity

This is a great time to support kids in appreciating what's different about them. We all have ways in which we don't fit. It's important that children come to love everything about themselves– even if others don't. You can start the self-acceptance process by reminding them of how much you love their uniqueness; you appreciate how they are different and see how it brings flavor to your family.

If you have not done so, now is also a great time to introduce your children to diversity. Expand beyond race and culture. Ensure your children see various gender expressions, different family structures, body sizes, abilities.. etc. Make sure your children see people who are different from them and live differently than they do.

Also--if your kids get a little extra stubborn or rebellious it’s in the air. Do what you can to be creative and have compassion for yourself and them too.

Food for thought

  1. What are some simple practical ways to care for yourself? Now is a great time to focus on basic ways to love yourself up. Things don't need to be complex to be effective. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating food that nourishes your body and makes you feel good? Are you doing things that bring you joy? Getting these practices consistently right creates a strong foundation to thrive. You deserve to thrive!
  2. Take some time to think about what community is to you and how'd you like to participate in it. And then from this space, see if you can take simple, practical steps forward to enjoy what you are seeking to create. Be open to revision and a deeper understanding of who you are/what you want as you begin this process.
  3. There is a grand organizing principle that includes humanity— but is not guided by it. For humans to make it on this planet we need a deeper sense of humility and to understand we run nothing but ourselves. We are part of a collaborative effort. We humans need to make more efforts to better understand our place and our role within the world at large.
  4. Take more responsibility for who and what we place our faith and power in. We will not be able to create the type of future/community/life we’d like without taking responsibility for ourselves. It's becoming more and more evident that we are giving our personal power and authority away to institutions that abuse and manipulate us. The more responsible we are for ourselves and our own well being, the more empowered we'll be to change for the better.
  5. Don’t push yourself or anyone else too hard. We’re still processing, chewing, learning and assimilating all we can from this experience. Be patient. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we still need to make it through the tunnel.

Herbal Suggestions of the week:

Hawthorn is still  necessary we continue to grieve and process difficult emotions. As you work through your emotions you may uncover ideas thoughts and beliefs that are ready to go.

Feel free to keep it up with the turmeric :) Tumeric will help keep you clear and calm through Mercury Retrograde.

Aromatherapy Suggestion for the Week

Diffuse three drops of Rosemary & three drops of Eucalyptus to help you cleansing out the old and welcoming in the new. Feel free to add some mint to this combination should you like a bit of extra kick :)

Bonus round

To better understand the role of humanity in the world at large, see if you can hang out with a Magnolia tree. Magnolia is ancient and can guide you in harnessing your power for good. If Magnolia isn't near you, Cedar can help you as well.

Orchid would love to show you something about self acceptance and building community that loves you for who you are– not what you can do for them. She says that it's important we learn to love and connect more from that space.  

In closing

This is all so much to chew on. We're being pull in different directions and being asked to do different things that don't seem to make sense. Take a deep breath. Then take another. Do the best you can: to be present, to be kind to yourself, to be kind to others and know that you will make it through this. These times don't last forever. However, they are great catalysts for change that we need to make the best of. Keep breathing. Keep moving. You got this!

See you soon! Immense Blessings


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