Simple Ritual & Spiritual Practice October 18th - 25th

Suggestions center around honoring the light within and taking a step back. It's a full week and we need our light and some space to find the way forward.
Simple Ritual & Spiritual Practice October 18th - 25th

Capricorn First Quarter Moon October 23, 2020

Simple Ritual & Spiritual Practice for the week

This week continue to honor and celebrate your inner light through affirmation, creating space for pregnant pauses and reconceptualizing what personal power really is. As the week unfolds do what you can to be kind and gentle with yourself. It's one of those weeks that can be a bit heavy and offer some opportunities for healing.

Ritual & Spiritual Practice for Mothers and Children

This weeks rituals and practices center around rest. Do what you can to slow down and be easy with yourself and the littles. Also please continue to honor the light within and playing with gender norms.

In closing

No matter where you find yourself, do what you can to give yourself space to honor your light as you move forward. Also, do all you can to be gentle with yourself. You deserve all the love and compassion while you navigate this difficult time.

Thanks for being here with me. See you next week :)

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See you next week!

Jeannette :)