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Winter Solstice Edition

December 21st Winter Solstice Edition

We're moving on. December 21st's Winter Solstice sure has some beautifully grounded energy. It's an energy that supports you in healing, in moving on, in doing something blessed and new. Whatever you have been wrestling with in the darkness for the past few months, you ain't got to wrestle with no more. There is wisdom in the air that will guide you in creating new ways of being and doing. It may not seem like it quite yet, but you really are free! "Well, at least in your mind if you want to be."~ Sly and the Family Stone

We made it through a fairly intense eclipse season. So if something triggering finds you, know that you have the strength to sit with it. It's either got some more wisdom for you, or it's something asking to be let go. Either way you got this! You are ready to welcome the light!

Here's your weekly video. Ritual Starts at 2:30, Spiritual Practices Start at 4:27 , Kid friendly Suggestions start at 12:10

Ritual of the week: Affirmation

  1. Affirmation: I open my heart and mind to change.  Again, there is deep healing in letting go of some unhealthy philosophies you have around relationships and community. Be open to new ideas about how folks can connect and form relationships.

Additional Spiritual Practices

  1. Use constriction as a means to create new structures in life. You are not meant to be bound. You are unlimited. However blockages can be helpful to figure out how your energy best works, best flows. See if you can feel whether the blockage is internal (meaning coming from you) or societal. If it is societal is it something you can change through innovation? If it's internal, see what this blockage is teaching you about yourself.
  2. We are still working with ancestral karma. We are living in the world our ancestors created. What's wonderful? What stinks? When you are looking at the mess of today or at familial trauma, compassion helps. Not everyone had access to the supports and wisdom that we do now. Real talk, compassion can’t fix everything. Time, wisdom and insight helps. No matter what comes up, allow yourself your own feelings about it. The compassion you give yourself allows you to be compassion with others.
  3. Move on. There is such nice energy around moving forward. Even if everyone/thing around you ain’t ready or willing know that it’s time to move on. Think about what wisdom you've gathered from this year and how that wisdom can help you thrive next year.

Weekly Suggestions for Kids

  1. Follow their rhythm. Create space where your child can figure out their own rhythm of working and being. Meaning if your kid never wants to get up in the morning can you create space for them to sleep a little longer? They may not be a morning person. If they aren't ready to eat lunch yet because they are not hungry, can lunch wait a little longer? Breakfast or dinner maybe more their jam. Kids are really intune with their own needs and flow. Allow them to follow it a little bit more.
  2. Ask your kids for their opinion and honor it when you can. Encourage them to check in with themselves. Kids need to stay rooted into their own wisdom. They often know what's right and what's best– even if it's "right" and "best" from a different perspective. New perspectives are needed in these times.
  3. Create a beautiful life together. Whether you talk about it, build it with legos, create it using Sims, make it out of play-doh, ask your kids how life should be. What do they think society should be like? What changes would they like to see in the world. This is how change slowly happens.  

In closing,

This week feels very much like the beginning of a new chapter. May this new beginning be a blessing for you and yours! I look forward to seeing you next week!

Immense Blessings,


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