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December 2020 Read & Ritual

Intuitive Read, Simple Ritual and Spiritual Practices to get you through December.
December 2020 Read & Ritual

Hey there,

We made it to December :). Lets take a deep breath to celebrate our being here. 2020 has not been easy. But you made it! That's worth honoring and celebrating. I hope despite all that's going on, you are able to celebrate the fact that you are here!

There's been a lot to stay on top of this year. Here are a couple of the themes we've been working on:

  1. What is care? What is nourishment ? What is sustenance? Ask yourself these questions from personal, long term environmental and societal contexts. It's important that we go as deep as possible in continuing to ask ourselves these questions. The answers have places where they intersect. These intersections shape our futures. We need to work through what keeps us from nurturing and caring for ourselves and our communities in balanced and loving ways. Presently, we are reaping the consequences of living without self & communal care. Our way of life isn't sustainable.
  2. Our visions must continue to expand and be purified. In order to evolve as a species we must grow beyond what we think see. There is a much deeper truth to behold and a space of unity where we can heal in harmonious supportive ways.
  3. We are in the midst of powerful transformation. Although we all still have responsibilities it's important to allow yourself space to process everything. We need space to process the deep change require on personal, familial and societal levels.
  4. We all have an important role to play in what's to come. As mentioned for the Virgo Last Quarter Moon, we move forward by living in deeper integrity with ourselves and our communities.

All these themes are still with us through out December.  We are being gently reminded that 2020 will end, but we still must learn it's lessons. What we didn't learn, we will repeat.

The first part of December feels like a magical portal. There are radiant glimmers of hope. We have glimpses into potentially exciting new ways of being together. If we work with the energy of fire to cleanse, purify or simply illuminate we can move forward a bit. However, foolishness and destructive habits can be hard to shake. We must come to acknowledge that there are forces that profit from, enjoy and continue to create societal and personal disfunction. Towards the latter end of the month it'll be important to keep your future visions and embers of hope close to your heart where you can nourish and protect them.

December invites us to tend that which is sacred and holy within us. We must allow our Divine Spark to keep us and guide us. We must not allow our attachment to the past to keep us from what is and what could be. In order to move forward we need to heal and let go.  

Part of that healing comes from the wisdom of experience. We must learn from what we and our ancestors have done. As things come up, we must take individual responsibility for what's ours and learn from it. We must continue to celebrate and benefit from what our ancestors did well, while still holding their (and our own) feet to the fire for any abuse. From a collective space of deeper wisdom we will make different choices.

Ritual of the Month: Connect with Water

Once a week, visit your local body of water, take a bath or soak your feet at the end of the day. At the very least stay hydrated. Fire needs water to keep it in balance. This month is full of fire. As we cultivate and tend our inner flames water will also help us not burn ourselves or each other. Water also has the ability to not lose itself. Down to the molecule, water will always be water– no matter what you put it through.

Spiritual Practices:

  1. Get yourself some rest. What restores you? What replenishes you? Which practices always leave you feeling better than when you started? Do those things, every day. You deserve it and it's time for us to figure out how to incorporate more rest and nourishment into our daily lives.
  2. Identify what safety is. What makes you feel safe and whole? Is it being violence free? Is it being warm and having a peaceful space to rest? Identify those things and create a plan to ensure that you are never without– despite what life may throw at you. This is also a space to identify where you need community support. You don't need to do it all alone.  
  3. Honor what you've lost. There is so much death within us and all around us. Let us mourn for what has passed and who has passed. Write a list of all the things that have left your life. Honor them by thinking about how they have blessed you or brought some sweetness. For three - seven days light a candle beside or on top of this list. On the eighth day burn this list and surrender it to running water or Earth. This is best done around the Cancer Full Moon on December 30th.
  4. Consult with your inner wisdom. Whether it's through sitting and asking yourself questions, automatic journalling, consciously grounding, meditation or prayer–hone your ability to know and discern. It's vital we remain connected with our inner wisdom.

Monthly Tea:

Nettles, Oat straw & Lemon Balm will keep you cool, calm and nourished. With all that we have been through it's important to nourish and calm ourselves, so we can find our way forward from a space of integrity. Nettles and Oat straw will help you rebuild your stores from a year filled with stress tension and drama. Adding some Rose hips would bring a splash of color, a little tang and some magic to this mix.

Chamomile also deserves a mention here, as she can protect and keep you this month.

Monthly Aromatherapy Suggestions:

Sandalwood & Frankincense will support you in creating and protecting safe, sacred space for yourself.

Jasmine & Sweet Orange in your diffuser will keep you connected to a deep knowing and loving part of yourself. If you find yourself in a situation that calls for a grander vision— this mix can help.

In closing

I gave lots of suggestions for the month, but it feels most important that you create restorative space. All things improve and get clearer with a bit of rest. Despite the drive of December, allow yourself some peace. Part of the growth that needs to happen occurs when we choose to honor ourselves and our own rhythms. Resting when you need is a great way to do this.

2020 has been quite a wild ride. Thanks for rolling with me :) See you in 2021!  

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Immense Blessings~