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What can you do to share your light? What communal, relational and spiritual constructs are holding you back? In what way can you re-assume personal power and authority that will allow a more creative, healing expression for yourself and others? Welcome to the January 28th Leo Full Moon.

Here's your video. It's an extreme close up because I shot this video extremely late at night :) Leo Full Moon Energy, Food for thought, Full Moon Ritual, Full Moon Ritual for Kids

Ritual of the Week: Honor your Divinity

You are God constantly expressing. Your ritual for this lunar cycle is to honor that truth. Two things:

1. Everyday do something to expresses your innate Divinity. There is something within you that when you do it, you become more alive and feel more like "yourself".  

2. After you have expressed your innate Divinity, honor yourself. It can be as simple as thanking your Indwelling Divinity for coming out to play. It can be as grand as making yourself a sumptuous feast. Whatever it is, do something that celebrates the fact that you allowed your light to shine.

If expressing your innate Divinity is something you already do on the regular basis, take it up a notch. See if you can share more. Or, give yourself more space and opportunity to show up in your Divinity. In other words– please do more of that special thing you do so beautifully.  

Kid Friendly Rituals of the Week

  1. Show the children the simple ways in which they are powerful and help them express their power in harmony with their environment. For example– You don't need to yell to be heard. You can tug my sleeve if you don't feel seen and tell me what you need to say without shouting :)  It seems you feel frustrated, but don't hit your sibling. Instead, let's figure out how to share your feelings in a way they can be received.
  2. Nurture and honor your kid's Indwelling Divinity. Children easily express their Divinity. They are essentially their Divine selves until they learn to be otherwise. Constantly remind your children that the Divine lives in them; expresses through them and is a blessing to behold within them :)

A few more thoughts:

  1. I know I said it last week but, stop holding on! The many changes we are being asked to make feel painful, because we are holding on to old ways of being. It's time for us to let go and allow. Idea: Go and watch some water flow or the wind blow. Notice that even though water and wind might be carrying something it never confuses itself with what it's carrying. We are more than our accumulated ideas, habits and emotions. We are Divinity in Motion. It's time to let go that which doesn't represent or honor who we are.
  2. Open to seeing where societal forces, expectations, responsibilities and structures have convinced you to give up your magic. This Full Moon asks that we affirm our Divinity. In doing so, we shift our belief from that which binds us to that which ultimately unifies and liberates us.
  3. As you honor your Divinity, celebrate your innate knowingness. Deep within you know. If you are not sure, come with yourself, ask your innate divinity and rest assured the answer will come. It will :) It's important that you come within and work from that space. Discernment is a must and only you know what's best for you.
  4. It's a great time for Inner Child work! Many of the beliefs we hold about our connection to the Divine and our abilities stem from our childhood. Many of us were taught to either hide our light, or to tone it down. Some of us, shut it completely off. We don't have to do so anymore. You can connect with your Inner Child through art, meditation, play or automatic journalling. The Inner Child is a wise and powerful survivor. It deserves to be embraced and heard.  
  5. There is a responsible way to express your personal power that benefits you and your community. We are all leaders in our own fields. It's important that we find our field and lead; knowing that our leadership– our light is a blessing to ourselves and each other :)

Tea of the Week

The next few weeks are a great time to play with tonics that support mental and cardiac function. Hawthorne is a wonderful heart tonic that will help you let go and acknowledge long buried feelings. You can enjoy hawthorn berry tea, extract (tincture) or jam.

Hibiscus & Rose are also helpful, but don't encourage a deep dive. If you want to feel and be loved, Hibiscus and Rose will help you. Be mindful that hibiscus will bring your menses, be mindful of how much you enjoy.  

If you are game for some bitter medicine while supporting your Inner Child Motherwort can help in a variety of ways.

Since we are preparing to officially dance through retrograde– I would suggest adding a little extra Rosemary and Turmeric to your diet. Both plants facilitate cardiac and mental health.  


A mix of Ginger and Tangerine or Ginger and Lemon will support you in honoring the light within and all around :) It will also clear the air of anything funky.

Ginger, Clove and Cinnamon also feel like a good, spicy and comforting idea. We could all use a little comfort these days :)

In closing

Thanks for being here. For this cycle, please remember what a luminous, Divine being you are. Knowing this and honoring this will support you in navigating this moment in time. We need to remember that we are powerful. We are capable. We have all we need within us to move with grace. You got this! I'll see you for the Aquarius New Moon :)

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