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I'm not perfect. But I'm perfect for you

During this Libra full moon, it's possible to envision the many opinions, paths, and choices as The One functioning harmoniously, beautifully, rhythmically with itself. All this diversity, all this fullness, all this richness are the many expressions and the many experiences of the Divine all lead back to The One.

We must cultivate a willingness to see all this diversity of thought and being as fullness; knowing that we humans are full and whole. As we begin to see ourselves as whole and complete we come to understand that we are not lacking or needing to be fixed or healed. We are neither broken nor flawed.

Yes, there is always more to learn. Yes, we are seeking refinement. Yes, we are figuring things out. But as expressions of Divinity, we are already whole and there is part of us beyond our fractured perception of humanity. It's important to begin seeing ourselves and others as whole, capable and Divine. It creates a very much-needed shift.

Seeing and trusting our Divinity allows for the chaos of the moment to be Divinely organized rather than a trip to crazy town. Does this moment hurt? Yep. Does it make sense? Not really. Is it some shit? Hell, yeah. But, there is a Divine hand at work whether we can appreciate that or not. To make peace with all that's unfurling (and will continue to unfurl), we must accept (or at least play with) the thought of Divinity guiding and organizing everything. It's perfectly fine if we don't agree with or appreciate how things are being organized. But something is guiding this ship of fools. There is always more than what we see in front of us.

Viewing yourself as Divine also shifts power dynamics around expression and being. How you express, how you be is enough, necessary, and perfect as it is. All of us in all our variety is necessary in some way. No one expression is better or more necessary than the other. You don't need permission to express or be. Your being is Divinely ordained. Your wholeness is Divinely ordained. As long as you show up as you–even if that "you" is constantly shifting, changing, growing or regressing– it's okay. We are all perfect in our beautiful imperfection.

Spiritual Practice: Moving in Divine Creativity

For the next week or two, play with moving from the space of Divine creativity within you. Now, this space may seem nebulous. It's not fully clear, firm, or detailed. It feels like being moved through or internally guided rather than pushing/personally deciding. You can access this space by getting still and focusing your awareness in your gut. From this space, guidance will arise/bubble up and action will move through you– rather than being done by you. Moving from this space allows for an easier flow of harmony in life. It's subtle, but fun to play with.

Libra Full Moon Kids Practice

Encourage the littles to move from their heart. As time and energy allow, encourage them to check in with their physical and spiritual heart before making decisions. Their heart always knows what's best for them. Children can ensure information is coming from the heart by placing their hands on their heart and focusing on that area while taking a few deeps breaths.

For some extra fun kids can draw, paint, sculpt essential qualities of their heart/what their heart space looks/feels like. This will help them know and appreciate their heart space more. It will also make it easier to recognize their heart's guidance.

Food for thought

  1. Be honest with yourself about ways you are societally conditioned, while compassionately working to decolonize yourself. We all have things we are working on. It's okay.
  2. Take a second to look at your relationships. If there is space, lean into ones where you are allowed to be a bit rawer and are encouraged to express yourself more fully. We could all use a little more safe space to be loud and proverbially naked.
  3. As you look at your relationships don't be afraid to innovate, to recreate, to think about, and discuss new ways of being, living, and breathing together. Don't be afraid to want something new, refine your vision of it, and then ask for it.
  4. Patience is important. Everything has its own space, pace, and rhythm. Balance can occur in the minute, but what we are balancing out— is many centuries in the making. Doing your own work with patience, compassion and kindness will help us all move forward.

Herbs of the week

  1. Hawthorn will help you take care of your heart & keep your emotions flowing. The thing about intuition and Divine Connection is that your emotions need to be flowing so you can hear and feel the Divine clearly. Hawthorn will help you keep things clear.
  2. Nettles will keep your body nourished and your spirit protected as you move in new directions. Nettle is also full of antihistamines and very helpful if you have seasonal allergies :) For fun, you can mix Nettles with some Yarrow to enjoy some seasonal allergy relief coupled with strong energetic boundaries.
  3. Vervain is helpful should you wish to take the edge off and more deeply connect with Divinity in motion through the Dream time :) She's protective too and will keep you safe if you ask her to.

Aromatherapy Suggestions

The loving protection of Dragon's Blood Incense/Resin will help you clear space to more fully appreciate the Divinity that is you. It's also a kind plant that is a beautiful, helpful embodiment of fire :)

Frankincense is healing, purifying, and uplifting. It works well with Dragonsblood (or by itself) in creating a space for you to better perceive the Divine working through, in, and around you.

For fun, you can crush some Dragonsblood together with some Frankincense resin to burn on some charcoal. Be sure to open the windows and tell anything unhelpful to your wellbeing good riddance.

In closing

Um, I expected this to be Libra-down, (Like Bruno, Mars Libra) but another Energy jacked this post. It somehow feels right and timely. We all could use some comfort in being reminded that there is a unifying loving principle at work in all of this. Within all the Division of the day– there is a space where all these divergent ideas, opinions, and energies come together in harmony. Just knowing that space exists makes it a little easier to get there :)

Anyway, Happy Libra Full Moon! I look forward to seeing you for the Aries New Moon.

Oh yeah, if you missed the latest Motherhood & Spirituality Podcast, you can find it right here or wherever else you enjoy your fav podcasts.

Immense Blessings,


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