November 2020: Read & Ritual

November is a full Month. Rather than continue to wear the masks that we have been given, and do the dances we have been taught to do– we must do something different! Old ways of thinking, being and doing will not work anymore. Here are some themes for the month.
November 2020: Read & Ritual

Simple Ritual & Wisdom forNovember

November is a full Month. We'll be invited to come closer to who we are at the core of our being. Rather than continue to wear the masks that we have been given, and do the dances we have been taught to do– we must do something different! Old ways of thinking, being and doing will not work anymore. Here are some themes for the month.

Back to basics. What do you *really* need to thrive? What is really important to you? What do you value? When we know who we are we can harmonize with others. Our souls do not confirm to externally dictated norms. We are who we are. It will continue to get harder and harder to live out of alignment.

Fire is in the air. All month, there is so much fire in the air. This fire is for healing and illumination. Keep it directed inwards as a light to purify and guide you. If it's divinely aligned for you to organize or be a foot solider of the revolution you already know. For the rest of us, this fire to illuminate and inspire. It can purify what needs to go while illuminating a path forward.

Power to all the people! This month is asks us to examine where we have given up our power. We could all make different choices. We need to answer why we are giving up our power to entities that continue to oppress all of us and fuck up the planet. We cannot continue to allow our being to be squashed by or constrained. If you find yourself in such a position, see what you can learn from it. Our constraints can refine our Soul's expression through us; eventually guiding us to liberation.  

Honoring the Divine Feminine. The balance and harmony we seek comes from a Divinely Feminine Space. She is the divine hand guiding these transformative times. We must honor her and bring in more and more of her expression– all of her expression. Even the darkest aspects of the Divine Feminine need to be welcomed in for balance. Darkness, death and destruction is a necessary part of life too!

Monthly Rituals:

Honor the Divine Feminine by seeing Herself in you. During your morning bathroom routine look in the mirror and affirm that you recognize and appreciate the Divine Feminine within yourself and others. She's there :) She wants to be seen and appreciated more.

Daily libation. I mentioned this last month. It's important to give back to Mother Earth and make some steps towards healing our relationship with her. Please continue expressing gratitude to Mother Earth into water and pouring it out on the land as an offering. If you want to step this up– you can try this with cow's milk :) Cow has a connection with the Mother Goddess– so it's important to work with Cow's milk– be sure to express some gratitude to the cow, farmer and the land too :)

Light a white candle for your hearth/center of your home at least once a week. Friday is a great day for this practice! As you light this candle, express gratitude for the food on your table and to the space you live in. It's important that we cultivate more love, warmth and gratitude for the spaces we live in. These spaces shelter, protect and keep us. This practice will also help your home be a warmer, more loving safe space.

Monthly Ritual: Daily Cup of Tea

Feel free to choose the suggestion that resonates most with you. It's okay to change through out the month.

Rooibos tea is a calming, soothing and warming choice. It's energy will happily balance any stress or chaos.

Jasmine Green Tea will connect you to the Divine Feminine and the Angelic realms. She also bestows some pleasureful expansion that is needed in the present moment.

Rose hips with some honey or the sweetener of your choice is a great idea this month. In addition to bringing luck and supporting immune function, Rose hips can keep you connected to Divinely Feminine energy.

Raspberry leaf and red clover with some peppermint is also a great idea. Raspberry leaf and red clover are super nourishing and supportive for fertility. You can also add some Lemon Balm and Nettle here if you are seeking calming nourishment :)

Essential oils to play with:

These suggestions work best diffused. If you decide to apply them to your skin, please use a carrier oil (eg jojoba, apricot or olive oil) and be sure to test a bit on your skin before getting too excited.

A couple drops of Lemon & Ginger will support your personal power. It will also help your immune system and bring light.

Mixing Lemongrass with Vetiver & Verbena will encourage and uplift you. I also find this combination to be cleansing and supportive of doing what needs to be done.

If you are burnt out and in need of some pleasure, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot are grounding and delicious. Pleasure is powerful!

Okay, you are ready for the month! I pray November leaves you much more empowered and connected than it found you! You got this! See you soon :)

Immense Blessings