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The creative flow of Pisces into Aries..

This New Moon has such beautiful energy. It's a time for harmony, compassion, unity and the deep creative work of dreaming up a new way of being. There is still a need for innovation, for new ideas, for solutions. There is still a need to move forward. However the newness we seek is birthed from the ability to rest and dream. It's important to note that this is a time for flow– not pushing.  

The Pisces New Moon is a boom tube of Divine Inspiration to something new. While we are here, please enjoy this softness, this compassion, this love, this cloud of fluffy pink— it’s a nice respite. However don’t lose yourself in the formless void of in-between. Pisces is a space before birth. New is coming, but ain’t here quite yet. In the meantime, make sure you process the old fully, so you don't need to repeat any lessons.

Please note– there might also be a great deal coming up emotionally. Make sure the feelings you feel are yours. Emotions that are yours are rooted in your body and generally have a physical sensation that accompanies them. If what you feel doesn't belong to you and you don't want to process it send them away. Surrender feelings that are not yours to a hot shower or a spiritual bath. One way to process your own feelings is by hearing them, holding them in your heart and letting them go when they are ready.

Here's your video for the week. Energetic read starts at 00:22​, Spiritual Practices start at 03:11​, Adult New Moon Ritual 09:52​, New Moon Ritual for kids 10:47​.  

Ritual of the week: Re-write your story

In the light of self love and compassion, re-imagine yourself and your story. Look at yourself with eyes that don’t blame, fault find or seek to punish. See yourself with eyes that believe in you, your power, your wisdom, your strength. See yourself with eyes that appreciate your ability to evolve as all life forms on this planet do. We aren't perfect. We are all evolving and it’s okay. We’ll move forward together as we each take our own individual steps.

Spiritual Practice

  1. Watch what you say. There's lot of collective heat in the mind and mouth. Try not to roast others. Instead, carefully process any anger you are feeling. All that heat is for purification and illumination to light your way forward. So, be willing to tap into your anger to do that. Have the courage to be vulnerable with yourself knowing that now is a time for resolution and healing.
  2. Give yourself space to shift into more comfortable habits & patterns through the power of imagination/creativity. Now is a great time to play with tweaking habits and schedules to allow your creativity and Divinity to flow through you. If you are open to it, you can expand beyond perceived creative limits.
  3. Find your flow. Resist the urge to push or hammer through whatever feels like it must be done. Allow yourself to be moved from the Divinity within you in response to the Divinity all around you. In this way, you answer the call to dwell in deeper spaces of harmony. These spaces have the ability to create blessings and safety in times of turmoil and chaos. If you want to assistance in finding your flow, go watch some water flow or soak your feet in some salt water.
  4. Being fully grounded and present in your body is vital!  Finding your flow starts by being full present in your body and allowing it’s connection with the Earth to guide you. Your body loves you and wants to support your soul's expression through you! Allow yourself to be supported.
  5. Compassion for others starts with compassion for yourself. The Pisces New moon holds space for us to really emphasize with others. However for our compassion to lead to lasting change we must have compassion for ourselves. The more we allow ourselves grace, the more we'll have to offer others.

New Moon Herbal Suggestions

A daily cup of rose bud tea :) is a great idea right now. In additional to supporting your immune system and digestive health, rose facilitates fierce self love and compassion.  

Hawthorn berry tea/extract/jam is also a great idea. Hawthorn supports healthy heart function and will help you sort through any emotions that are ready for your attention. Acknowledging and working through your emotions as they come is a great way to prevent anger from backing up on you.

New Moon Aromatherapy Suggestions

If you would like to get lost in some dreamy sensual goodness see if you can find some Wisteria incense. (I don't think the pure essential oil exists). Wisteria softens the edges– which is so very helpful right now. She's also quite intoxicating.

A couple drops of Jasmine essential oil mixed with some Ylang Ylang allows you some sensual dreaminess while being anchored in your body. This mixture is also helpful should you wish to bring forth more physical pleasure into your life as a means to deeper embodiment.

Absolute Rose Oil mixed with some Neroli is a way to feel bright, soothed and loved all while residing here and now. This combination feels helpful for accepting what is.

In closing

This New Moon is a time to create from the inside out. However, it's important to remember that creativity is a process and has it's own flow. It's not something we can push or control. So, as you are swimming in all this yummy Piscean energy do what you can t0 allow things to unfold at their own pace and way of being. Do your best to flow and see where things take you. The time for more directed action is coming.

Thanks for being here and rolling with me. See you for the Libra Full Moon!

Immense Blessings,


Oh, and in case you missed it. Here is my last podcast episode. In it I discuss my own practice of simple ritual, and how I've been *trying* to remain centered in the midst of homeschooling & COVID. Next episode drops this weekend :)

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