Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

We made it through 2020!

This is a great time to lick your wounds. Allow yourself some deep care and rest. Now, deep care and rest can look a variety of ways. You know you have rested when you feel invigorated, peaceful and clear. You know you've cared for yourself when you feel loved from the inside out. Your cup feels fuller and your nerves are stronger. Not everyone has the space or support to receive all the rest and care they need. So, do what you can.

Without rest or care we don't have space to process all 2020 gave us. We need space to figure out how to re-engage life from a different space. Change, evolution, transformation all take lots of energy. We need our force for the upcoming year. So please rest and love yourself up!  

Here's your video! Ritual starts at 2:45, Spiritual Practices at 4:15, Kid friendly suggestions at: 8:10.

Look, I got a microphone– can't tell me nothin! 

Ritual of the week: Patience

  1. Be Patient with yourself and each other.  The pressing drive for change, must to be met with patience and compassion for self and others so that deep healing can unfold. All the change you see around you, starts within you. So always be patient and compassionate with yourself first.

Additional Spiritual Practices

  1. Triggers and old stuff that pops up shows you what requires your loving attention. Once you are aware of what in you needs love— create some space to love on it.
  2. If you are still dealing with inherited problems, issues, tendencies or concerns take a deep breath. Do what you can to heal what's yours and surrender the rest.
  3. Softness and Comfort please! There is a decrease in tension. Breathe if you can. Let go if you can. Rest if you can. Everything that needs to be done will wait for you.

Weekly Suggestions for Kids

  1. Do things that bring comfort and warmth to your children. If that's cuddling– awesome. If that's sharing a book or a bowl of popcorn- Yes! If that's making cookies– great! Whatever is it– ensure that you both enjoy a warm loving feeling in your heart when you are done!
  2. Continue to dial it back a notch. This is a time for peace, ease, rest and comfort. Things are not how they used to be. Do what you can to be easy with yourself and your children.
  3. Ask your kids for their takeaways from 2020. What have they learned? How do they feel like they've grown? Be sure to remind them of the ways in which you see they have adjusted to a difficult time and made you extremely proud.

In closing

We made it ya'll! I am proud of us :) Don't forget that next year we're moving back to Full and New Moon goodness. I'll be filling that space with a podcast. See you in 2021!

Immense Blessings,


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