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November 22nd Pisces First Quarter Moon

We have so many different opportunities for healing this week. Which is good, we can't move forward until we have healed our past. Our old habits and ways of thinking and being are no longer working. Together, need to create a new way forward. Divine guidance, creativity and clarity is vital this week.

Simple Daily Ritual:

Seek Clarity by lighting a white candle and praying for mental clarity. Alternatively you can affirm that your thoughts and mind are clear. The energy of this week lends itself to a bit of deception and manipulation. We see things when we can handle them. However, clarity is essential for moving forward with integrity.

For more details here's your video. Kid friendly suggestions start at 9:14! There are also more practices under the cut!

Spiritual practices for the week

This is an intense week and we are all going through so much. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

  1. A morning affirmation: I am open and receptive to healing what needs to be healed and revealing what needs to be revealed. This affirmation will support the healing energy of this week that wants to support us in resolving some old stuff with loving clarity.
  2. Open your heart to others to create a transformative and healing space in your relationships.When feeling challenged in relationship, ground yourself into your body and imagine your heart blossoming like a red rose; knowing that love heals and transforms all.
  3. Continue to remain grounded. Upon waking and before every meal do a body scan. Starting at the bottom of your feet and ending with the top of your head, bring awareness to all the nooks and crannies of your body. This Spiritual practice is important because its very easy to leave your body during stressful, chaotic times. When you bring your awareness to your body– you are coming back to it.

Weekly Suggestions for Kids

  1. Share ancestral stories with your kids. The energy of this weeks speaks to honoring and healing our lineages so we can move forward. Telling stories is a great way to celebrate strengths and recognize where healing is needed.  
  2. Have as much fun as possible. Kid Fun is needed for all the people! It creates a light space that reminds us there is more to life than stress, turmoil and chaos. There is joy too. Play more this week and remember your joy!  

Things are full. No matter what goes on, be sure to be kind and gentle with yourself. Great change is being asked of us; which is not always easy. See you next week!

Immense Blessings

~ Jeannette

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