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Dec 6th - 13th: Ritual & Spiritual Practice

A Simple Ritual and a couple of Spiritual practices to support you in working with December's Virgo Last Quarter Moon.
Dec 6th - 13th: Ritual & Spiritual Practice

Virgo Last Quarter Moon: December 2020

This Virgo Last Quarter Moon reminds us of the deep need to share our light with others. Your light is the Divine's expression through you; that space where you are essentially yourself showing up in the world. When our collective lights shine we will instinctively heal and move forward as a species. Your light is essential to improving the state of the world today. You are an integral part of us all moving forward.

The challenge this week is not to get carried away with fire. There is so much fire in the air it's easy to burn ourselves out or hurt others. We must direction our passion towards healing and refinement. We must learn to tend our own flames in ways that are nurturing and sustainable for ourselves and those around us.

Here's your video, it starts off with a rousing sermon :) I was inspired :)  Ritual of the week starts at 3:41, Spiritual Practices at 5:16 and Suggestions for kids 10:28.

Weekly Ritual: Honor your gut

There is a great light housed in your belly. That light can guide, protect and keep you. This week do what you can to remain rooted in your body and connected to your belly. At least three times a day bring your hands to your belly. Take three deep belly breaths and ask your gut to guide and keep you. Your inner flame, your intuition resides in your belly. You need this flame to guide you – especially this month.

Additional Spiritual Practices:

  1. Recharge yourself this week! Rest is an important part of tending the Divine Flame. Ensure that you create some time and space to recharge your batteries.
  2. See if you can care for yourself in a way that  supports someone else in getting their needs met. This is an important practice as things continue to evolve.
  3. Connect with some water. Take a bath, or a nice long hot shower. At the very least stay hydrated. Water will help keep us centered in ourselves and soothe our frayed edges.

Kid Friendly Suggestions

  1. Patience and compassion for yourself and each other! Don't forget that things are a bit fiery so your kids might be popping off. You can avoid some popping off by limiting sugary foods & getting as much exercise in fresh air as possible.  
  2. Think about rituals you would like to share with your kids that support your values. For example, if you value clean, safe, organic foods you might want to make a ritual of gardening or visiting local farms to pick/buy your own food.

I look forward to seeing on Tuesday, when I send out December's Monthly Read & Ritual. Until then, take precious care!

Immense Blessings ~ Jeannette

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