September 2020 Simple Ritual & Spiritual Practice

We made it. Against all odds, we made it. It's September and we're here. What a blessing. No, it hasn't been too easy and it still isn't easy.
September 2020 Simple Ritual & Spiritual Practice

Hey there,

We made it. Against all odds, we made it. It's September and we're here. What a blessing. No, it hasn't been easy. We're here though and that's a blessing.

This month we can turn a corner. Our challenge is to see things differently. We must come to a space where we accept reality in all it's many layers and deep complexities. Despite all this chaos we will make it through to create something amazing. However, there is work to do. But, it wouldn't be Virgo season without a little hard work :)

The keys to this month are to keep an open mind, be flexible and stay connected with the Divinity within. Despite all the chaos of the present moment, know that you have all you need (and if you don't you'll be guided) to thrive in the here and now.

In greater detail

Keep an open mind & Be Flexible:

The current tendency towards hard headedness and closed mindedness isn't working. We all have spaces where we think we know better and everyone else is wrong. Be willing to not know all the answers. Be willing to be wrong and learn something. Be willing to expand grow and change for the better. Open mindedness creates space for new ways of being and that's what we all need.

Besides, this month we may find ourselves face to face with ideas, beliefs and thought patterns that just don't work for us. Have some compassion for yourself, but be willing to let go.

Let it go

We're being invited to do some new things. New is necessary because it's beyond clear that what's going on isn't working. So before we fully enter Fall, ask yourself what's working in my life? What isn't working in my life? Before September ends each of us will be asked to surrender something. Help yourself out, by thinking about what needs to go.

Be willing to see and know Spirit in everything

It's so important to cultivate a deeper connection with the Divinity within you and all around you. No matter what is going on, we must create space to tend and water the Divinity within, so we can recognize the Divinity all around. It's this Divinity that will always support us, work on our behalf and safely guide us through all this chaos. There are many ways to do this, but meditation, mindfulness or setting the intention to hear and honor your Divinity will all do the trick.

Monthly Rituals

  1. Death Ritual– Laugh, cry celebrate what was because something new is coming. There is something we all appreciated about our old ways of being. Fully mourn what was, so you can be present to help birth what's new.
  2. Stay grounded - We will grow through this time together by connecting to Mother Earth and following her lead. Grounding is a personal practice. Some of my favorite grounding practices are: mindful eating, walking in nature, walking around barefoot, playing with essential oils... the list goes on. What's most important is that you find what helps you be fully engaged and present in your body and regularly do it.
  3. Offerings- Make regular offerings to Mother Earth and the Elements. Offer some full moon water to Mother Earth. Bring flowers to your local river or creek. Offer some incense to the wind. Light a fire to honor fire. We need to express more gratitude for being here while opening ourselves to wisdom as to how we can be better to Mother Earth and the other beings we share this planet with. This includes not only The Green, but plants, animals, and other Spirits too numerous to name.
  4. Make a weekly offering to the wind. Connect with Air for new ideas, inspiration and to clear out cobwebs is a great idea this month. Pray to the wind for help while burn clearing incense or resin. (Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Anise, Oregano &  Frankincense)
  5. Work with plants that support you in remembering who you are at the core and support cleaning house mentally: Rosemary, Gingko & Gotu Kola are all great choices this month!

Whatever transpires this month, be kind to and gentle with yourself. The saying that we are all fighting some sort of inner battle is especially true this month. Do all you can to be gentle with yourself so that you have all the inner resources you need to thrive.

See you in October <3  

Immense Blessings ~ Jeannette