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Simple Ritual: Jan 13th - 20th Capricorn New Moon edition

2021 did not come to play. As things fall apart remain focused. Remember all you learned in 2020. Do not lose yourself in the energy around you. You can be compassionately transformed by the present moment while still remaining grounded in yourself
Simple Ritual: Jan 13th - 20th Capricorn New Moon edition

Welcome to 2021!

You made it and I hope you are celebrating. Your life, your presence here on Earth is worth celebrating!

Before we dig in, please note that herbal and aromatherapy suggestions are included below. I'll be including them from now on.

Also, if you missed my first podcast episode, here it is. The next one arrives with the Leo New Moon. Now back to the show.

New Moon In Capricorn Read & Ritual

2021 did not come to play. As things continue to fall apart remain focused. Remember all you learned in 2020. Do not lose yourself in the energy around you. It's possible to be compassionately transformed by the present moment while still remaining grounded in the present moment in yourself.

No matter how things seem, always know that you have all you need in the present moment to accomplish what you need to do. Please remember this as you go through the month. This New Moon feels very much like a lets - see - what - you have - learned moment. Stay focused and keep your eyes on your own paper. You made it through last year. You can make it through January!  

Here's your video: Background starts at 52 seconds in,  New Moon Energy starts at 3:37, Kid Friendly Ritual starts at 9:47 and regular ol Ritual Starts at 12:49.

Ritual of the Week: Honor the Divine Feminine

Honor the Divine Feminine within you, all around you and in Mother Earth.

There are may different ways to accomplish this. Verbally thank the Divine Feminine within and all around every morning. Buy or grow her some flowers. If you decide to give her flowers, they can be left with a friendly tree or with your friendly local water spirit. You can also pick a day of the week and pour a libation of warm milk and honey onto the Earth in gratitude to the Divine Feminine. Dancing, cursing, shouting, creating, burning and practicing martial arts are also ways to honor Her too. The Divine Feminine takes all forms.

Don't forget the Divine Feminine also resides within and deserves your loving attention as well. Honor her presence within you as you see fit. Personally, I enjoy a goddess bath with milk (cow/coconut/almond), honey, white roses and jasmine. If you want to deepen your relationship with her, it's best to create a practice that honors how Divine Feminine shows up in you. Think of things in life that make you feel expanded, then make a habit of doing these things in Her honor.

Ritual of the Week for Children: Creative Project

Creativity as an important way to process emotions & create the future. We all have lots of feelings about how 2020 went. With your children, make up a song to express your feelings about 2020. Write a poem about them. Draw a picture of your feelings. Make a sculpture. Work creatively as a means to express how you feel. It's a healthy and fun way for you to process emotions together. You also might learn something unexpected about each other.

You can also work with creativity to bring about what ya'll would like to experience in 2021. Create a vision board with your kids, choreograph a dance that expresses what ya'll would like to feel or talk about what ya'll want while cooking. Playing creatively with your children plants seeds for the future.

A few thoughts

  1. Healing our personal trauma will transform us into that what we seek to be. The challenge is to keep focused on our own work rather than being triggered by what everybody else is or is not doing.
  2. Don't be stuck. Keep moving forward. There are some spaces where we are stuck because we are comfortable. This stagnancy brings a bit chaos, drama and discomfort because we are fighting change. For your sake, please don't fight change.
  3. Things are not all bad. Folks are coming together and moving forward. There is progress and lots of good trouble in the works. More collaborative/inclusive spaces and structures are being formed from this chaos. Don't lose hope :)
  4. Creativity, uniqueness and expanded vision is in the air. We are in a space where there is a little Sag energy left over, blended with some Capricorn and a touch of  Aquarius. It's a fun, expansive, innovative yet super practical space. It's a great time to be creative and appreciate what you bring to the table! Enjoy!

Herbal suggestion for the Week

Nourishment and calming are needed right now. A morning combination of Nettles, Milky Oats and Lemon Balm would be helpful in keeping your nerves nourished. (If you choose to do this, please remove the lemon balm after a month– and then bring it back. Lemon Balm is not great for every body for the long term.)

Working with Holy Basil (Tusli) and Turmeric are also great for keeping you on an even keel.  

If you need help processing emotions, hawthorn berry and rose bud tea with some honey would be helpful. If you choose this tea, remember to give yourself some space to feel whatever comes up.


This is a great week for a Cypress and Lemon essential oil blend. Try 3 drops of each in a diffuser. It'll help keep you grounded and clear. Cypress is great for helping you process grief or anything else that needs to come up, while lemon will keep you afloat.

In closing

I have said a lot here. Be sure to take what resonates and leave the rest. We are all working through so much. 2020 was a traumatic year. 2021 has some beautiful energy, but some challenges as well. Continue to be kind and gentle with yourself as you keep dancing on.

See you for the Leo Full Moon!

Immense Blessings,


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