Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

October 31st, Taurus Full Moon Edition

This Full Moon is about change. Sadly, change is not something Taurus does. However, it's important that we find our way forward rather than being stuck. This is change that we can't fight.

We are not in control at all. There is a Divine Hand behind the scenes that organizes everything– if you pay attention you might see it at work.

Rituals the week center upon rest, grounding into the body and enjoying some pleasure. It's vital to create some sweetness for yourself in the midst of all this bitter.

Enjoy your videos :)  

Simple Ritual: Taurus Full Moon

Simple Ritual for Mothers & Children: Taurus Full Moon

Food for thought this week:

  1. Can you use all the fire in the to clarify your values and priorities? You really don't have to fight all the fights. And fighting can look many different ways. How can you fight in a way that honors who you are and is healing to you? Napping and enjoying life is actually revolutionary; especially if you are a queer person of color. What does revolution look like to you?
  2. A couple of questions: Who are you? What's most important to you? What are you willing to stand for and what does standing for it look like? This is a precursor for work we'll be doing around personal power next month.
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