Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

November 15th Scorpio New Moon is all about power. We must wrestle with how we are using power, what we believe about power and how do you feel about power.

Our willingness to wield our personal power corresponds with our ability to live a life rooted in our values. There is support for better understanding how to better work with our power.

Rituals for this week include: continuing to build a stronger connection with your body, being open to change, honoring the Divine Feminine and looking at oppression.

Kid friendly suggestions start here at the 9:22 mark. This week, it's important to support you kids in expressing their own power this week :) I mentioned that last week, but we're going in a different direction this week.


Whatever comes up for you this week, be kind and gentle with yourself. Give yourself grace. Transformation is not easy. But you are doing your best.

See you next Sunday!

Immense Blessings


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