Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

The Taurus New Moon invites us into different stability and comfort than we are used to. Can you imagine your passion bringing you safety, peace, and nurturance while enjoying stability and harmonious communal integration? This is exactly where the Taurus New Moon beckons.

Our path forward is forged through empowered creative expression. It requires owning and honoring those spaces that are yours. You must stand proudly in your glory, power, and authority. It also requires taking small, simple steps forward. It may be stressful. It may be scary, but it's possible. All we need to do is believe and keep moving forward.

Taurus New Moon Ritual:

This New Moon is a space to speak your heart. It may not be easy, but it is necessary.

Speak your peace daily. Whether to spirit or human, share your truth. You can light some incense and tell the air how you feel, speak into a lit candle, or get it out in the shower. Ideally, speak your truth with love, compassion, and care. There is some emotional turbulence and chaos in the air.

If you need to have a conversation with someone and fear spitting fire like a dragon, you can place some honey or brown sugar under your tongue before saying whatever you need to say. It'll help sweeten your words. You can also wait until whoever you need to talk to is asleep to share your truth with their higher self/soul. They'll hear you :)

Simple Ritual for Kids

Make sure your children have something for themselves. Ideally, it's something they value, don't have to share with others, and represents what's most important to them. It can be a book, a space, a set of crayons, or a ball. Whatever it is, it provides an opportunity for your child to express themselves. Bonus points if it's something the kids can be creative with.

Do your kids not share anything? Encourage your child to speak their truth as much as possible – especially when it's difficult. Having children speak their truth supports them in remaining centered in their personal power and authority.

Spiritual Practice

  1. Lean into your frustration and discomfort. It can tell you many different things, including where you have lapsed in personal power.
  2. Find daily comfort and pleasure. It doesn't have to be complex. It could mean wearing fluffy socks or your favorite sweatshirt. The point is the create a space of pleasure, comfort, and ease for you to create more pleasure, comfort, and ease in life.
  3. Seek out creative ways to own your space, your voice, your power. This New Moon reminds us that power naturally resides within us and is a result of how we channel our energy. How are you spending and using your energy? What are you creating with your energy?

Helpful Herbs

Rosemary & Thyme want to support your well-being at this time. As we move deeper into Spring both plants can support you in creating a safe space.

Rosemary, by herself, can keep your head clear as Mercury prepares to retrograde through Gemini. (May 29th - June 22nd)

Rose tea with a dollop of honey will help you exercise your will and speak your truth with loving compassion for yourself and others.


Continuing to play with Ylang Ylang & Vetiver is a great idea. They will help you ground pleasurefully.

Combining Orange and Rose is also perfect for this time. Rose and Orange will support you in honoring your feelings, so you can move from a deeper space of integrity.

Helpful Plant Friend

If you can, go find an Apple tree to hang out with. No apple tree close to you? Just eat some apples mindfully. Apples confer loving creativity and fecundity. Apples remind us how creativity empowers, supports, and nourishes us all. We must understand and believe that it's truly possible for us to all thrive together.

In closing

We are moving slowly but surely in a new direction. As life returns to "normal", question (or continue questioning) whether normal actually works for you. Part of the challenge of the present energy is a desire to regress. Don't fear coming within and being honest with yourself (and others) about how "normal" may need to change.

Speaking of normal changing, I'm slowing down to once a month. There's a little bit too much going on to keep up the current pace. I'll see you for the Gemini New Moon.

Oh, and if you missed my interview with Jocelyn Gordon of HoopYogini, you can check it out here.

See you for the Gemini New Moon :)

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