Spirituality & Motherhood Podcast

Gemini Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

This full moon asks us to rethink and expand our vision of life. At the very least we are being asked to peek beyond the sense of duality that divides us. Some believe that division is actually the original sin. The idea that we are part from God, apart from Earth, from each other is where humanity went wrong. See what you can do to see the thread which connects us— no matter how trivial.

Here's your video. Kid Friendly suggestions start at 10:07.

Ritual of the Week

Weekly Affirmation: I open to transformation that serves my highest best good. Every morning when you rise and every evening before bed, look yourself in the mirror and affirm that you are open to transformation that honors you and your community. As you transform the inner, the outer shifts.

Additional Spiritual Practices

  1. Play with the idea that there are masculine and feminine expressions of Divine Energy and both these expressions are necessary. There is Oya and Hades. Both are needed. There is Sekhmet and Ares. Both are needed. (Now these are very broad brush strokes, but I hope it makes sense.) Divine energies don't just show up in one way. They show up in many ways, with various cultural overlays. However all these diverging paths all come back to the one. As we are able to see the Divine hand that shows up in various representations of Divine Energies, we are able to see Divinity that unites all of us. However poorly and foolishly some of us may act, we are all in this together. The Divinity within connects us.
  2. Re think what power should look like. What is power to you? How would you like to express your power? How should gov’t and authority express its power. What is acceptable to you and what isn’t? This theme will be with us for quite a while. It's important that we continue to chew on it.
  3. Although Gemini and Sagittarius are a bit light, this Eclipse isn't. If you are working through something, don’t be afraid to sit in it. Don't run. What you resist persists! Allow it to show you how you can be better for yourself and for others.

Weekly Suggestions for Kids

  1. Find some extra patience and compassion for yourself and your family. If you have sensitive children, they could turn up a bit for this FullMoon/Lunar Eclipse. Make sure everyone is getting lots of exercise and rest to keep things as balanced as possible.
  2. Encourage your children to see the beauty in themselves– especially the parts that get them in trouble or "cause problems"
  3. Support them in self care. Ask them what they can do for themselves to make themselves feel good and loved – then create time and space for them to practice this activity.

No matter what you get into this week, please do be kind to yourself. All the work we are doing together now lays the foundation for a new way of being with ourselves and each other. We're working on a loving revolution. It takes a bit of work and isn't all times easy. But we'll get there together.

See you next week~

Immense Blessings,


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