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December 14th Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse feels like a fiery portal forward. We can work with this fire of this New Moon to clear, cleanse, purify or motivate. Our passion can become a guiding star into a blessed future. But, fire can be dangerous. It must be handled with wisdom and caution. Despite all our enthusiasm, we won't fully realize the fruits of our actions until we have done the work of healing the past.

Chaotic energy, indecision and attachment to the past on personal and societal levels can trigger us; illuminating where healing is needed. We cannot skip out on our collective and individual healing work.

Here's your weekly video: Ritual and Spiritual Practice starts@ 1:55  Kid Friendly Suggestions start @ 9:23

Ritual of the Week : Slow Down

  1. Slow Down. This goes a bit beyond rest. It's about moving from a space of harmony and unity rather than a space of individuality. We learn to move from harmony by slowing down and cultivating deep listening skills.

Additional Spiritual Practices

  1. Keep grounding. I haven't mentioned it because there has been so much going on. But please stay in your body. If you can't figure out what to do with all your energy you can always return it to Mother Earth as a loving gift. If your body feels icky or you have reasons for not being able to fully ground, Bach's Rescue Remedy is your friend :)
  2. Play with water. Have you had space to soak your feet, take a bath or visit your local water spirits? If you haven't please make time. Water will keep your fire from burning yourself or others.
  3. Honesty. If there is anything out of integrity, it might pop up this week. Be willing to be honest with yourself and with others if needed.

Weekly Suggestions for Kids

  1. Keep Exercising and eating as healthy as you can. It will prevent you and your kids from going a little stir crazy.
  2. Honor your children's wisdom. Quite often little people sound old. When your children say or do something particularly wise, remind them how wise they are. Children need to be reminded of the wisdom within them.

Thanks for making it through. We are heading down the home stretch. 2021 here we come! I'll see you next week.

Immense Blessings,


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